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January 2020 Spotlight

Posted By Administration, Thursday, March 26, 2020

Far too many people major in minor things. Job seekers. Coaches. Managers. Elected officials. Just about everyone. The out-of-work individual who needs a job to ensure the financial well-being of his family has 50, 60, or even 70 hours a week to plan and execute a rapid employment job campaign. So why is he only working three to four hours a day to land his next job? What is he doing with the rest of his time?

He’s majoring in minor things - rearranging furniture, watching reruns of CSI, and spending time (wasting time, actually) BS-ing on social media discussing everything except his job campaign.

It has been my experience that in life there are matters of great importance… and then there’s everything else – not very important. And it’s these important matters, whatever they may be, that are the ‘majors’ in life that require our attention, discipline, effort and focus. But the seductive trap is letting those ‘minor things’, distract us and ultimately betray us. This is the root cause of failure and underachievement.

The key to success is avoiding minor activities and focusing on major priorities.

So how do we identify what is major and what is minor? My methodology is based on the 6-8/90 principle.

There are 6-8 things that make 90% of the difference in just about everything in life. You just need to determine what they are, and then invest 90% of your resources (time, money, and energy) on those 6-8 things.

So, there you have it. All you have to do is determine what the 6-8 things are that are most important to you in

achieving whatever goal or objective you have; whatever trouble you’re trying to navigate out of; or whatever successful pursuits you are undertaking. And once you have identified those 6-8 things, you then need to place them in a hierarchy of importance. Why? Because not all of the 6-8 things have equal value. For instance, both your hearing and eyesight are important to you, but one is a little more important than the other. If I were to take away either your eyesight or your hearing… what would you give up? You see, they are both very important to you, but one is a little more important than the other.

And here’s the thing… we want to live, consciously or subconsciously, aligned with that hierarchy. This is what determines whether we are happy or struggling.

And here’s another unfortunate fact. Most people are living their lives misaligned with their hierarchy of 6-8 things in almost every area of life. Author, Neale Donald Walsch, wrote: “Somewhere between the ages of 40 and 50, most people have given up on their grandest dreams, set aside their highest hopes… and have settled for their lowest expectations or nothing at all.” So, to avoid doing what most other people are doing (according to Walsch), below is a methodology so you and your clients can live life aligned with your highest ideals and expectations.

The Methodology

What is most important to me in my (blank) that makes me happy and enriches my entire life?

What’s most important to me in a job… RELATIONSHIP, VACATION, HEALTH, CHOOSING A COLLEGE… LIFE… YOU NAME IT - that makes me happy and enriches my whole life?

Important: Begin with a Big List

Brainstorm, or better yet, heart-storm. Perhaps when you ask the question, “What’s most important to me in my career that makes me happy and enriches my entire life,” you’ll come up with 15-25 things. Once the brainstorming/heartstorming is completed and you have your list of 15-25 things, whittle them done to 6 to 8. And once you have the 6-8 things, place them in a hierarchy of importance. Then, invest 90% of your time, money, and energy on the 6-8 things. Finally – the 6-8 things will be different for everyone. You need to identify for yourself what is most important to you… and then work on your list.

Using Jay Block as an Example
Personally, I work on my life and career values every year between Christmas and New Year’s. This way, I have a roadmap to success in 2020, to achieve the happiness and fulfillment I aspire to. So, as an example, below are my hierarchy of values for my life and my career, and the process I used to compile this list.

I believe this is the best DECISION-MAKING model I have ever come across. Once I identify and prioritize my 6-8 life values, I can then ensure that my career values - and decisions about my career - are made to support my life. In other words, I make career/workplace decisions so I can live the best life possible – inclusive of the adversities and setbacks I will inevitably face. And yes, this process works for anyone.

I begin by asking the question:
What’s most important to me in my LIFE that makes me happy and enriches my entire life?
I brainstorm (I write without thinking - allowing my heart to speak its mind): Wealth, freedom, respect, family, friends, significance, health, peace, spirituality, adventure, legacy, high energy, my career, my condo, my Jeep, being creative, being resourceful, passion, comfort, power, love, contribution, growth, leadership, gratefulness, honesty

Next – I identify my top 8:
(Notice I consolidated some as a single bullet)
1. Peace, gratitude, spirituality
2. Health – physical, mental, and emotional
3. Freedom
4. Wealth
5. My inner circle (family and friends)
6. Semi-retirement (3-day work week)
7. Adventure
8. Legacy

Control What You Can Control

One of the key elements to creating your list is to try and include only those things you can control. For instance, I know there is going to be political turmoil throughout the year – impeachment, elections, and unexpected political chaos. Since peace is my #1 value… I will pay little attention to this because I cannot control any of this. Except for going to vote. So, I will remain aware of what is going on in the political arena, but I will not allow myself to become part of the drama. If others want to argue about this, I will simply bow out of the conversation. I will not get caught up watching the news for hours on end. I will, instead, spend my time working on my list of 8.

Next: I ask the question:
And Help Your Clients Live
Extraordinary Lives as Well?

Again, I allow my feelings and emotions to have its say, letting the mind rest. When the will exposes itself, the mind’s job is to come up with the how… where there’s a will (heart) there’s a way (mind).

Freedom, creativity, program/curriculum development, promote empowerment programs, speaking, training, financial reward, 3-day a week schedule, work mainly with coaches and trainers, home-based, minimal travel, industry leadership, collaboration, ongoing professional development, legacy, multiple streams of income, passive income, residual income, referral income, work with ideal clients

If, during 2020, I live a peaceful and spiritual year, am healthy, free, financially secure, enjoy family and friends, reduce my workday to three days a week, enjoy adventurous activities, and continue to build a lasting and positive legacy, I will have lived a wholesome and extraordinary year – inclusive of all the bumps in the road along the way.

Next – I identify my top 8:
1. 3-day work week
2. Freedom (work from home office; work own hours)
3. Work with coaches and trainers (“ideal clients”)
4. Promote CEMP and CEIP
5. Promote to associations and organizations
6. Multiple streams of income – passive income included
7. Collaboration
8. Legacy

The Take-home Message

When I invest my time, money, and energy on the eight career values above, and approach my work/career aligned with all eight values, this will provide the foundation, economically and personally, for having a fulfilling 2020. Below are a few examples as to how this process can be used in other areas of our lives. So, if you want to live a joyous and rewarding life in 2020… and help your clients/ students do the same, all you have to do is identify the 6-8 things in key areas of your life… and then spend 90% of your resources on them. Warning: Do not major in minor things!

1. Rest and relaxation
2. No passport required
3. No more than a 3-hour flight
4. 7 days and 6 nights
5. Not to exceed $2,500
6. Good restaurants
7. Water sports including scuba diving
8. Plentiful activities – rain or shine

New relationship:
1. Must share top 8 life values
2. Between 45 and 55 years of age
3. Self-supporting financially
4. Comfortable in own skin
5. Spiritual
6. Honorable and respectful
7. Values differences – not combative
8. Manages problems in a classy, dignified manner

Automobile purchase:
1. Off-road capable; 4-wheel drive
2. Sway bar and tire locking capabilities
3. $35k - $40K max
4. Lease – no more than $375 a month
5. 2-door vehicle
6. Blue or silver
7. Automatic transmission
8. New or certified pre-owned

1. Weight between 175-180 pounds
2. Exercise at gym 4 times a week
3. Eat healthy – don’t overeat
4. Meditate daily 20-30 minutes
5. Hang out with positive people
6. Avoid negative people
7. Get a massage once a month
8. Reduce TV time and replace with reading time

If you don’t know what you want, you’ll end up settling for what you get.

That’s usually underwhelming.

As you and your clients/student begin 2020, identify the 6-8 things that make 90% of the difference in landing a great new job - or whatever you or your clients are seeking to achieve – and then invest most of your resources on those 6-8 things. This way you give yourself and your clients/ students the best chances of ensuring that the first year of the new decade is… simply marvelous.

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