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Jay's Personal Email Newsletter

Posted By Admin, Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Updated: Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Jay's Bi-Monthly Empowerment Newsletter
~ For Trainers, Coaches, and Educators ~
"I am always ready to learn... although I don't always like being taught."
to the new abnormal
We are all destined, like it or not, to learn new ways of inhabiting this planet and living our lives. For instance, I finally got a surgical mask to wear outside - the new abnormal. I wear eye glasses and when wearing my mask, my glasses fog up! I tried a bandanna - and still, my glasses fogged.
I called my brother, a cardiologist, and asked him how to wear a mask without fogging my glasses. "Pinch the bridge of your nose and put the mask on tight," he texted. What does that even mean? Four hours later, I am still fogging up.
I wear gloves
in the supermarket
Last Friday I finished my shopping, carefully and as instructed by the CDC. The new abnormal. When I got home, I was sent a YouTube video where a nurse was teaching how to shop - being mindful of cross contamination. Seriously... I have to now re-learn how to shop?
The Nurse placed PAINT (signifying the coronavirus) on her gloves - which provided a visual of the coronavirus getting on the gloves while we touch stuff throughout the store (Which is why we wear gloves). Then she showed what happens when we get an itch, or a text message from a family member who asks us to pick something up while we are still in the store.
In my case, I had an itch on my ear that required a quick scratch. I also picked up the phone, texted back - and then called to be sure I knew exactly what my son wanted. Long story short - watch the video. By the time I returned to my car, took the gloves off, and started the engine - I had paint (coronavirus) on my face, my ears, my nose, my steering wheel, my door handles and now, shit, I'm infected! I now have to learn a whole new way of shopping. Comfortable? Not yet!
I am becoming a hoarder
I am a Feng Shui kind of guy. I like order and avoid clutter at all costs. In my home, I also adhere to the "Just-In-Time" (JIT) inventory control philosophy that businesses use, that is, I buy items and pay for them just before I run out. Why tie up cash inventorying stuff, right?
I am now using "generic" facial tissue in place of toilet paper (and running low on that, too!). Forget gold, silver, or the US dollar. The new world currency is toilet paper.
Truthfully, I'd be grateful for toilet paper I once avoided like thePlague... you know, the kind that feels like sandpaper. Now, as a result of the coronavirusplague, I am learning how to become a hoarder. Totally, not comfortable.
And what's up with medical procedures done while in a car?
Re-learning -
when we don't want to be taught
  • Hand washing may save our life... but oh, what it does to our skin. Anyone old enough to remember Madge?
  • No more handshakes or fist bumps. No more double or single cheek kissing, or high-fives. Easier said than done. Maybe ankle taps?
  • A 70-seat restaurant will become a 35-seat restaurant. Large parties will need their cell phones to communicate with someone at the other end of the table (or Dixie Cups with a string?).
  • Bidets aren't just for women anymore.
  • We'll carry gloves or Kleenex with us (if you can find them) to press anything: ATM's, credit card machines, elevator buttons, the start button in your car,.
  • Forget communal food. Remember just a few weeks ago when we had no problem sharing a bowl of chips, M&M's, or nuts? Now it's, "ne touche pas."
  • "Stay in your lane, bro" will be be expanded to "don't mess with my space, dude. Move back 6 feet."
  • We must re-learn how to use hand sanitizers. Using them too much may have dire consequences to ourmicrobiome,the “good” bacteria that keep our skin, and our bodies, healthy. David Coil, Ph.D., a microbiologist at the University of California, Davis Genome Center insists. “The stuff really does kill a lot of microbes. Hand sanitizer could wipe out the good bugs along with the bad." Seriously? Maybe I shouldn't try to learn so much. Perhaps I need to embrace the cliche, "ignorance is bliss."
  • Forget the sport of people watching, always one of my favorite activities. With masks and facial coverings - the only thing we'll see now are 2 beady eyes peering through a tiny space. Oh, and also, who is wearing the latest and coolest designer n95's.
  • Will we see the return of Flying Tigers? With a 2 trillion percent increase in online ordering (or was that a bailout number?), delivery companies like UPS, USPS, and Fed EX will be overwhelmed. Maybe we'll see the eye of the tiger again?
  • Don't touch your face. Ya right. This morning I made it a goal to go 4 hours without touching any part of my face. I made it 12 minutes. Can this be re-learned?
I am always ready to learn... although today, with this global pandemic, I am do not always enjoy being taught.

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