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Leveraging Inflatable Content

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 5, 2020

This was shaping up to be one of those awkward strategy/formatting decisions when you’re faced with content that doesn’t quite fit on one page, but not enough to justify a complete second page.

With 20 years of experience in non profit consulting and management positions, Nick would certainly be worthy of a two-page presentation... but only if I could frame the first page in a way that was commensurate with his target and level of experience. To do that, I had to “blow things up” and go against my natural laconic tendencies.

Instead of whittling down Nick’s C-A-R statements into single- or double- line bullet statements like I normally do, I instead used all three parts and create functional subheadings for extra context. This was key because it allowed his most recent experience (2013 to Present) to dominate the first page.

I also made the decision to abandon that strategy on the second page, presenting his most previous experience (2005 to 2013) in a more traditional format and his early background in a very condensed way with no dates.

Still, I needed more content. It didn't seem like a smart use of space to expand on the experience that 1) happened a long time ago, and 2) was a little off point. I took a peek at his existing LinkedIn profile and recruited some of the recommendations featured there.

These three elements — the traditional handling of his previous experience (as opposed to an expanded C-A-R

section like on the first page), the use of two recommendations, along with a judicious amount of white space — made the whole thing work.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “overwriting” mindset that suggests every inch of space has to be filled with meaningful words and phrases. I tend to look more for more thematic elements, like recommendations or grouped content that can be formatted in a way to optimize readability by presenting chunks of information instead of long- winded paragraphs. Especially on the second page.

I didn’t do this with Nick, but sometimes I carry the entire front-page banner (Name, contact information, headline, and sub-headline) onto the second page. I had the space to do it, but ultimately I liked the white space better.

Sometimes we ask the reader to see the forest, and sometimes we drill down and ask the reader to see the trees. Managing that dynamic is tricky, and there is always more than one way to accomplish that goal. When you focus on how you want your content to be consumed, the possibilities can present themselves in new and exciting ways. Sometimes you get to blow things up.


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From Seven Pages to One

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Once again we showcase the work of one of our conference contest winners. Mary Carden is a résumé writer for Job Market Solutions in Raleigh, NC. She joined PARW/CC in early 2019 and obtained her CPRW credential shortly thereafter. The sample she’s sharing is for a leader in the global non-profit space (John Smith), who came to Job Market Solutions seeking a document that would cement his professional reputation and attract more engagements, as he planned to dedicate the remaining years of his career to philanthropic work.

What was your primary marketing challenge with this client?

“John’s existing seven-page CV was up to date but far too long and far too detailed. It listed decades of work experience, as well as numerous skills, publications, presentations, and board memberships. But it lacked two things: a logical narrative and a clear presentation of John’s core value proposition.”

“I wrote a concise, one-page document that John could share with potential business partners, conference organizers, non-profit foundations, and other decision-makers. I was choosy about what information made the cut, and coordinated closely with John about which experiences and projects were most essential for his intended audience.”

“I featured “Career Highlights” from John’s recent positions in the grey sidebar, making explicit the outcome of each project to clearly show the benefit he delivered. The sidebar also serves as an overview of his offerings, which include management consulting, financial operations, regulatory compliance, and novel technology applications.”

The right side of the page covers the past 20 years of John’s professional career, excluding a few early positions with for-profit companies. Using no more than five bullet points per position, I incorporated themes of executive leadership, fundraising, client relationships, and management of blended teams of technical and non-technical resources.”

“To keep the résumé to one page, per John’s request, I used a single bullet (in the sidebar) to show that John had numerous publications and presentations. From the résumé, that information is easily accessed via a hyperlink to his LinkedIn profile. Other important information from the original CV was revised, organized, keyword-optimized, and migrated to LinkedIn to make John’s online profile searchable and discoverable to important players in the global humanitarian space.”

What advice do you have for people who might be just getting started in this business?

“I would recommend making LinkedIn your primary social media platform. Connect with hiring managers and recruiters in your focus job markets and read what they post! You will glean valuable insights on their current priorities, understand the transitions happening at their companies, and even gain access to real-time job postings that often aren’t available on other job sites.”

Would you like to see your work featured in a future Résumé Magic column? Click here to send your submission for consideration.


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Where Writing & Design Help Elevate Clients

Posted By Administration, Friday, April 3, 2020

This month’s submission combines the award-winning talents of Allison Hamscher and Amanda Traugutt, the design and writing team who do their magic for Elevated Résumés. According to Allison, “It paints the full picture of how we support our clients across their platforms. For example - we design a matching cover photo to be used for their LinkedIn profile so that their brand image is consistent and memorable. We even encourage clients to go the extra mile by branding custom business cards for networking opportunities.”

What was your primary marketing challenge with this client?

“We knew this c-suite level executive would need a two- page design. That said, we understand the importance of capturing the most crucial information on the first page. That's why we featured a Career Timeline graphic that highlighted her impressive career growth with notable companies. Without the timeline on the first page - the viewer might miss her experience with TD Ameritrade and Fannie Mae.”

“Overall - the client wanted a sharp and professional layout that would stand out from the crowd. She wasn't afraid of stepping away from traditional fonts because the more modern fonts aligned with her personal brand and style. After finalizing the résumé design, we carried the visual elements across the client's full portfolio that included her letterhead design, LinkedIn cover photo, and her personal business cards.”

Tell us a little about your background.

“My turning point to a career in résumé development was driven from my strong passion for branding and, more specifically, personal career branding. My background

in design gives me a unique ability to create memorable personal brands and deliver a differentiating factor for clients. After designing résumé for friends and family and

consistently seeing success after success, I knew I was able to bring value to others seeking to advance in their careers – this is when Elevated Resumes came to be over 6 years ago. To date we’ve worked with over 3,000 clients across levels and industries from around the world. I attribute our success to the level of

excellence we provide our clients.”

“I certainly can't take all the credit for Elevated Résumés’ success - I am so proud to have PARW certified résumé writers and certified career coaches on my team that help develop strong keyword optimized content and value propositions. By aligning design elements with custom content, we are able to create a cohesive brand message that support our clients’ ultimate professional goals.”

What advice do you have for people who might be just getting started in this business?

“Take on clients that respect and trust your work and provide them with a level of excellence that's hard to forget. Building out someone's résumé is personal and you should develop a personal connection with each client. Your clients will recognize your efforts and in return, I'm confident it will lead to referral business.”

Would you like to see your work featured in a future Résumé Magic column? Send your submission to for consideration. 

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