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A Toolbox Needs Essential Tools For Success...
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6/23/2020 at 2:06:04 PM GMT
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A Toolbox Needs Essential Tools For Success...

A Toolbox Needs Essential Tools For Success

Do you have the essential tools in your toolbox?

Understanding a client’s communication style and behavioral traits is as essential to a resume professional and/or coach as a hammer is to a carpenter. As with any tool, it is much more effective if you know how to use it and how to get the most out of it.

ProfilingPro provides the services, materials, and support you need to have the skills and knowledge in using the DISC-based assessments to open the doorways of communication with people, understand self and others, plus unlock your clients’ potential.

Resume Professionals and Coaches use DISC and various other assessment tools, provided by ProfilingPro, to assess clients for creating customized, accurate, and effective marketing documents, other job acquisition materials, and to help with implementing goals and action plans.

As you provide resume development, cover letter composition, professional bios and/or a variety of career coaching services, with the help of the assessment process, you’ll also benefit from your association with ProfilingPro on other topics. Your colleagues with ProfilingPro have additional areas of expertise. Authorized DISC Administrators and Behavioral Consultants are not only using assessments in their service packages, but many also understand the finer points of self-promotion, branding, marketing, sales, networking, hiring trends, websites, invoicing, taxes, and the list goes on.

If you’re new to the business, with ProfilingPro, you’ll have the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues for suggestions and if you’re already established, you’ll help others, while also learning from newer industry challenges being encountered. All associates of ProfilingPro can become savvy business-people and experts in the field of helping job seekers, people in career transition with career path selection and/or those needing educational planning, plus employees, business owners, and even friends and family.

Communicating your expertise is the first part of establishing trust. One way to establish trust in your niche is to have your own story to share. Having a narrative about where you came from and how you clarified your skills is important in forming trust with your clients.

Your knowledge about the essential tools for success and your expertise in using the tools promotes your professionalism, credibility, and ability to intensify the trust people need to invest in your services. Validated, Reliable, Accurate, Time-Tested, EEOC, and Adverse Impact Compliant assessments provided by ProfilingPro are the essential tools for your client took kit.

The resume writing and coaching world is ever-expanding. Standing out, spreading the word, developing your niche, refining your pitch and company mission are all areas you can learn more about, in addition to setting yourself apart from others in the industry who lack the best assessment tools available through ProfilingPro in their toolbox for helping clients. Be recognized as the best of the best by becoming an Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant with ProfilingPro.

Be encouraged to visit  for information about using assessments to ensure you are writing, as a ghost writer, in the voice of your client, quickly gathering information about your client’s soft-skills, and more. Plus, you will be creating an additional profit center by incorporating the assessments into your services. The tangible report your clients receive, as the result of their assessments, prompts them to retain your additional services for further benefits they may not have previously considered.

A secure registration form is available at

Because ProfilingPro provides specific materials, services, and support to Resume Professionals and Career Coaches, an affordable registration fee has been established, which is a benefit for the many solopreneurs serving in the careers industry.

AND… as a member of The PARW/CC, your investment in becoming An Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant with ProfilingPro saves you $1100.00!

Indicate your membership on the registration form.

Should you have any questions, use the “support form” at the ProfilingPro site to ask and we’ll do our best to help.

Jane Roqueplot

7/7/2020 at 10:35:25 AM GMT
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If my membership SAVES me $1100, how much is the original cost?? Jeezy Creezy

Rebekah Frank.
Resume Writer, Educator, Compulsive Researcher
Founder of Rebel Writing Solutions

7/10/2020 at 2:18:54 AM GMT
Posts: 7
Answer to Rebekah's question ...

Your question is appreciated.

The regular investment is $1597.00, Rebekah. And you deserve to know more... so here goes...

The $1597.00 is actually even lower than most other DISC providers. ProfilingPro has the privilege of providing lower rates as the materials and support provided is specifically for resume professionals and career coaching colleagues. Many users of DISC reports are Management Consultants, serving organizations, so their materials and support are not designed for career professionals and job seekers.

It's important to know that because DISC is a concept, no one entity owns the concept, but there are numerous developers of assessments based on the concept. Not all are created equal. In other words, some may not have validity and reliability studies, and/or accuracy ratings. Some are not EEOC and Adverse Impact Compliant. Some may not go beyond the 4-basic styles with the interpretation of the assessment.

So you can probably guess (and you'd be right) the assessments ProfilingPro provides do have validity and reliability studies available, accuracy ratings, and they are EEOC and Adverse Impact Compliant.

The reports compare natural styles to adapted styles, with nearly 20,000 possible plotting points for unique interpretations (obviously far beyond the 4-basic styles) 

ProfilingPro provides access to several versions of reports for matching a client's needs regarding the application of the participant's communication style and behavioral strengths (DISC style) and one version generates job titles for those in career transition or in need of educational planning.

All ProfilingPro Authorized DISC Administrators have access to the authorized area of ProfilingPro, which is full of tips, coaching workbooks, promotional flyers, education, etc. Each Authorized DISC Administrator also has a customized Online Assessment (OA) Account for managing the assessment process and all reports processed through the OA Account are also branded with the DISC Admin's logo and contact information. There is no 3rd party intervention and your clients only see YOUR information when taking their assessment and on their reports. 

These many reasons (above) are why saving $1100 (making it a $497.00 investment) is a great benefit for PARW/CC members. It is a great profit center for the PARW/CC members. 

What other questions can I answer for you? 

How familiar are you with the DISC concept? 

In support of your continued success! 

Jane Roqueplot

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