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A Toolbox Needs Essential Tools For Success... 2 J. Roqueplot Your question is appreciated. The regular investment is $1597.00, Rebekah. And you deserve to know more... so here goes... The $1597.00 is actually even lower than most other DISC providers. ProfilingPro has the privilege of providing lower rates as the materials and support provided is specifically for resume professionals and career coaching colleagues. Many users of DISC reports are Management Consultants, serving organizations, so their materials and support are not designed for career professionals and job seekers. It's important to know that because DISC is a concept, no one entity owns the concept, but there are numerous developers of assessments based on the concept. Not all are created equal. In other words, some may not have validity and reliability studies, and/or accuracy ratings. Some are not EEOC and Adverse Impact Compliant. Some may not go beyond the 4-basic styles with the interpretation of the assessment. So you can probably guess (and you'd be right) the assessments ProfilingPro provides do have validity and reliability studies available, accuracy ratings, and they are EEOC and Adverse Impact Compliant. The reports compare natural styles to adapted styles, with nearly 20,000 possible plotting points for unique interpretations (obviously far beyond the 4-basic styles)  ProfilingPro provides access to several versions of reports for matching a client's needs regarding the application of the participant's communication style and behavioral strengths (DISC style) and one version generates job titles for those in career transition or in need of educational planning. All ProfilingPro Authorized DISC Administrators have access to the authorized area of ProfilingPro, which is full of tips, coaching workbooks, promotional flyers, education, etc. Each Authorized DISC Administrator also has a customized Online Assessment (OA) Account for managing the assessment process and all reports processed through the OA Account are also branded with the DISC Admin's logo and contact information. There is no 3rd party intervention and your clients only see YOUR information when taking their assessment and on their reports.  These many reasons (above) are why saving $1100 (making it a $497.00 investment) is a great benefit for PARW/CC members. It is a great profit center for the PARW/CC members.  What other questions can I answer for you?  How familiar are you with the DISC concept?  In support of your continued success! 
by J. Roqueplot
Thursday, July 9, 2020
Making Learning Fun, Memorable, and Beneficial for Our Clients 0 J. Roqueplot As we coach our clients our clients on topics that will enhance their soft-skills, such as fitting in with the new team, the more memorable the message is, the more it will help them apply the skills. With humor and fun, the information becomes easier to remember.  Learning people-skills can be fun with some examples of how people are different... not right or wrong... just different. A lesson for team-building needed in the workplace.  Here's an idea about co-workers being asked to find a file in their office.
by J. Roqueplot
Monday, July 6, 2020
DISCOVER, DEVELOP, AND DELIVER 0 J. Roqueplot DISCover, Develop, and Deliver  Maximize Human Potential for Resume Writing and Career Coaching in the New Normal Employees and workplace teams are going remote and automation is on the rise. Company communication is more important than ever, but many industries are struggling, as well as the job seekers. Our new normal is still evolving. The one need that is unchanging, is the desire for people to effectively connect. While automation is rising, employers still need PEOPLE and people need to communicate effectively. Employers are challenged in finding candidates with the right hard skills but realize it’s even more difficult to find employees with the most appropriate soft skills fitting the needs of the job description. If an organization isn’t focusing on putting people first, they won’t endure the changes in the workplace. The demand for better communication, stronger problem-solving skills, and increased emotional intelligence is critical. If job seekers aren’t prepared to exhibit and support the necessary soft skills, their potential for success is minimized. As a professional in the career industry, you know all about this need. You work every day to reveal potential and uncover how to present clients for successful job acquisition and career satisfaction. Clients deserve to be guided through this process and emerge aware and enlightened. To do this, you need to be able to uncover deep insights, and you need the tools and support you can get to guide these clients. One of your goals is to maximize human potential. ProfilingPro has the tools you and your clients need to advance this concept. Our industry-leading assessments, service and support is the combination to help you and your clients succeed. The ProfilingPro assessment results validate the job seeker’s soft-skill strengths in easy-to-read and understand reports.  The reports even reveals areas in need of development to further coach your client and even include additional marketing materials, should these be services you want to provide, such as a professional bio, interview coaching, interview portfolios, interview-leave behinds, networking, and more,plus coaching after job acquisition to fit in with the new team. Decide to DISCover, develop, and deliver. Using the ProfilingPro assessments reveals human potential with research-backed communication style and behavioral traits insight for the client and you. As an Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant with ProfilingPro, you can deliver more potential for your clients. Your skills, foundational knowledge, and ability to both empathize and strategize help people DISCover, develop, and deliver their potential in their environment. Imagine being among the best in the career industry by delivering these services to your clients. Your expertise with the ProfilingPro assessments is the way forward for the new workplace. And it's a great profit center.  Learn more about becoming a leader in the resume writing and/or career coaching industry as an Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant at Take advantage of the special registration rate for PARW/CC members. Details on the secure registration form.  Use the "support form" for any questions.   To your success! 
by J. Roqueplot
Sunday, June 14, 2020
DISCover Goal Setting Success 0 J. Roqueplot Education for us and for our clients from ProfilingPro  DISCover Goal Setting Success If the link above doesn't take you to the video, please let me know.  For more information and to learn about the benefits for PARW/CC members, visit
by J. Roqueplot
Thursday, June 11, 2020
You Are In The Minority... Behaviorally Speaking 0 J. Roqueplot DISCover a quick lesson and an invitation...
by J. Roqueplot
Saturday, June 6, 2020
DISC-overing the Leadership Style 0 J. Roqueplot Which DISC Personal Style is most suited to be a leader? Not sure? That’s because this is a trick question! They all are. Many people assume that one personal style is better at leading than others; however, great leaders have many different personal styles, which include all the DISC styles. People who fall into each of the four DISC personal styles all have the potential to be effective and capable leaders. Each person will have his/her own innate and unique leadership style, which will naturally be very different from others. Identifying the special talents that each personal style brings to a leadership role will be the best place to start when searching for the best person for a promotion or when working to bring out your own inner leader. Why a D Personal Style makes a great leader: People with a D personal style don’t just like to be in charge, they need to be in charge. They are happiest and most productive when given a leadership role, which makes sense considering their major strengths are making quick decisions, delegating tasks, creating action plans, and seeing the big picture. Since they are tough-minded, driven, demanding and not afraid of confrontation, people with D personal styles are ambitious, forceful, commanding, fearless, and driven leaders. They want results now, which results in a strong and direct leadership style. D Style leaders command the respect of others through their confident, authoritative style. The demand as much of others as they do themselves. When they give direction, people tend to follow through without debate. Leaders with a D personal style are unflinching in the face of conflict, and are not afraid of dealing with difficult issues head-on. Why an I Personal Style makes a great leader: I Style leaders are extroverts who bring people together using their charm, charisma and enthusiasm. Many people like to be around I Style leaders because of their magnetic personalities. I Style leaders create strong and cohesive teams since they are great at communication and enjoy an interactive environment. I Style leaders have boundless energy, genuinely enjoy the company of others and can naturally motivate and inspire the people around them. They are likeable, easy to talk with, and are often able to diffuse conflict using their sharp sense of humor. They are also extremely persuasive, and their natural optimism make the people around them believe that anything is possible. Why an S Personal Style makes a great leader: S Style leaders are methodical, collaborative, considerate and communicative. They create a respectful, positive, mutually beneficial environment because of the value they place on the overall cohesiveness of the group. S Style leaders are very attentive to the needs and well-being of others. They are good listeners that are inclusive of other people’s ideas, and are excellent at mediating conflict in a stressful environment. S Style leaders are calm, patient and relaxed. They tend to put everyone at ease, and are seen by others as dependable and supportive. S Style leaders are great leaders to employ when looking to create a cooperative and harmonious environment. Why a C Personal Style makes a great leader: C Style leaders are factual, compliant, and organized. They use their natural strengths in analysis and planning to look at problems from all sides, and put a great deal of thought into calculating any course of action. Because they are perfectionists, C Style leaders hold everyone who works for them to high standards of excellence. C Style leaders are excellent at enforcing deadlines, creating schedules, and are sticklers for accuracy. They demonstrate an example of thoughtful, calculated problem solving, which inspires people around them to think decisions through carefully and to examine problems from all possible angles. Although we discuss the 4 basic styles, it is important to realize that few people are just one style. Most people are a blend of the 4 basic DISC styles, with various intensity levels that temper the traits of another style and increase the traits of another style. The best way to understand the uniqueness of personal inherent strengths is to take a DISC assessment and receive a report with a comprehensive interpretation of the person's strengths. The report even includes information for those area in need of further development for maximum effectiveness, plus tips on temporarily adapting one's style, as necessary, for leading those with differing communication preferences and interpersonal strengths.  PARW members have special rates for becoming Authorized DISC Administrators and Behavioral Consultants with ProfilingPro. Visit for more information on the services, materials, and support you'll receive as resume writers and career coaches with ProfilingPro. Use the "support form" for any questions and/or the secure link to register. 
by J. Roqueplot
Friday, May 29, 2020
Need a Referral? 1 B. Negron Hi , I hope you are well. I will be happy to talk with the client. I have experience writing successful federal resumes. My contact information is below. Thanks! Tammeca Riley 240.535.1593
by T. Riley
Thursday, May 28, 2020
Leads now! 0 D. (Director, CPCC) Just a reminder, this works in good time and now in tough times. Reach out to hiring managers, you can find them on LinkedIN and Glassdoor. Their needs are changing fast...and they are likely to be eager to tell you about their changing needs so you can help them!
by D. (Director, CPCC)
Friday, May 15, 2020
Motivating clients to move NOW to be ready? 2 K. Shane I remind my clients that every job post will get 1,000s of applicants now that we have 24M+ unemployed job seekers. I have managed recruiters and run staffing companies my whole career. Recruiters do not look at each resume, they rely on their software, keywords and LinkedIn profiles to rank applicants and manage their work flow. The challenges that arise from this onslaught are 1. a resume that does not clearly communicate your relevant value AND is also error free and easy to read, will be overlooked and 2. reacting to the job market by only applying online will have a low probability of success if you aren't a top 10% match. Networking and finding ways to standout and get in the front of the line are key - which is why being prepared and starting early gives you a huge advantage over those who wait.
by R. Reshwan
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
LinkedIN Survey Results 0 D. Phares Check out the Membership survey asking about how LinkedIN works in their practice on the Director's Blog:
by D. Phares
Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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