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Certified Employment Interview Professional

The CEIP Training Course

All roads lead to the interview - and the interview leads to job offers.

CEIP(tm) LogoRésumés are important - no question. Career coaching is important - no question. But at the end of the day and the end of a job campaign, it is the interview that makes or breaks a job offer.

Jay Block, best-selling author of Great Answers, Great Questions for Your Job Interview (McGraw-Hill 2nd Edition), believes that the most neglected aspect in the world of job coaching is teaching job seekers effective interviewing strategies and techniques to win job offers.

The challenge for the vast majority of job seekers is that they are ill prepared to win job offers because they are ill prepared to interview well. The very best résumés are insufficient if job candidates are unable to confidently sell themselves in interviews.

Interviewing Is an Art

Interviewing for a job is an art that can be mastered. Even job candidates who are scared to death of presenting themselves in interviews can master this critically important skill. And what's most exciting for job coaches and employment professionals is that successful interviewing boils down to just three main components.

  1. Communicating value - why a job seeker is the best candidate for the job and the significant results that candidate can deliver to a prospective employer.
  2. Cultural alignment - demonstrating that a job seeker is a good fit with the company's values and culture.
  3. Likeability - Employers hire people that they like and respect. Job seekers must establish strong rapport, which is all important when the first two components are equal among competing candidates.

Motivation - The Differential Factor

Confidence is key. Engagement is key. Passion is key. Job seekers deserve to have access to leading edge tools, methodologies, and processes that inspire success. Knowledge without self-motivation and a desire to succeed is wasted.

CEIP is a program with a 20+ year track record of success that combines a process-driven methodology with a motivational component that virtually guarantees that job seekers are well-prepared and motivated to win job offers.

Death, Snakes, and Public Speaking

Interviewing is actually public speaking in a private setting - actually even worse, because job seekers do not know the questions that will be asked and most feel like an interview is a forum where they are judged.

CEIPs provide a success formula that eliminates the fear of interviewing. And when coaches and trainers help clients diminish or neutralize fear- the most extraordinary success stories follow.

Whether a CEIP is working with a college grad or with a high six-figure executive, the interview preparation process and concepts are exactly the same- you just need to adapt your presentation style to your distinct clientele.

Introducing the OMC

The Certified Employment Interview Professional program incorporates the Organizational Message Chart (OMC) that is the foundation of communicating one's value clearly and succinctly. In fact, the OMC is recognized as the most effective communications model for identifying and communicating a job candidate's "Unique Selling Proposition."

The OMC is a visual model that job seekers create that allows them to stay confidently on message when interviewing. It is truly a breakthrough technique that results in powerful interviewing skills that impress prospective employers and leads to job offers.

The Curriculum

  • The Magic is in “Building”
  • Value - Introducing the OMC
  • You Gotta Know!
  • Types of Job Interviews
    • Informational Interviews
    • Screening Interviews
    • High-Tech, Long Distance Interviewing
    • Employment / Selection Interviews
  • Behavioral Questions
  • Situational Questions
  • The Art of “Performance Storytelling”
  • Interviewing Styles
  • What Employers Are Looking For
  • The 10 Subtleties Employers Seek
  • A Helping Hand - Testing Instruments
  • Answering Common Interview Questions
  • Carrot Dangling
  • Establishing a Good Fit
  • Establishing the “Likeability Factor”
  • Mirroring (Isopraxism)
  • Decision-Making Styles
  • Common Sense Tips
  • Show Me the Money ($$)
  • The Compensation Model
  • Job Offer Letters & Employment Contracts
  • Select a Winning Strategy
  • The “Legal Issue” Issue

PLUS - Jay shares important and valuable tips from other professions including Roger Dawson, James Van Fleet, Bert Decker, and Earl Nightingale.

  • Negotiating Tactics
  • Body Language Signals
  • Hidden Meanings
  • The Power of Power
  • A Checklist of Human Motivators
  • What Makes People Tick
  • 10 Steps to Improve Listening Skills
  • Pausing Techniques in Communications

ROI: Marketing Your CEIP Credential

Many CEIPs own, manage, or in some way operate their own enterprises, and have asked how they can best package all they have learned in the CEIP program to better serve their clients and to enhance their revenue stream. In other words, how to get a QUICK return on investment!

There are many ways to use the vast information contained in CEIP to meet your growth and coaching goals. Jay shares time-tested strategies you can use to market your credential, serve more clients, upsell clients to land the jobs they want at the pay they deserve - while you earn the income you deserve.

The Home Study CEIP Course

Your CEIP training materials include a comprehensive 120 page PDF that is provocative and entertaining. Study at your own pace and when you have completed reviewing the material:

An Hour with Jay Block!

Once you have studied the material and before the certification exam, you have the opportunity to spend an hour with Jay Block on the phone or via Skype.

Jay will:

  • Answer any questions you have
  • Emphasize the key points on the exam
  • Ensure you have the information you need to pass the exam and become a CEIP

“I teach not to test; but to ensure my students learn the material and use it to make a difference with their clients and in their own practices/businesses. I want to make the experience enjoyable and highly valuable.” - Jay Block

Once you have reviewed the material and have had your hour with Jay, you will notify PARW/CC and you will be emailed a test document that you complete and email back within 24 hours. You have up to 12 months to request and take the test after registering. Upon successful completion of the test, the CEIP credential will be awarded.

This comprehensive home-study training course not only gives you the knowledge and expertise of what to teach your clients, but also how to teach them effectively!

Add This Important Training and Certification To Your Coaching Toolbox Today!

Remember, the purpose of a résumé is to get an interview. From dozens or hundreds of résumés received, the hiring company will select the best 5 to 10 candidates to interview. All candidates selected will have met the company's general criteria. The deciding factor will be the interview. Interview training is a natural extension of your résumé writing service. It represents Part 2 of the hiring process - the most important part of the process. Without an effective résumé, there are no interviews. Without proper interview preparation, there will be no job offers. You must complete your course within one year of registration.

The goal of our organization is to ensure that all practitioners help their clients / students land jobs - the right jobs with the right companies at the right pay.

Program Fee: $695

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About Jay Block

Jay Block is an industry pioneer and the nation's leading motivational workplace expert. He is a best-selling author of 18 books, including 5 Steps to Rapid Employment and Great Answers Great Question for Your Job Interview (McGraw-Hill).

Jay has a 25-year record of success for creating and reengineering the career and employment industry. He is a “mind-changer” who inspires his clients and audiences to RE-THINK the entire process of career management and job search.

He founded The Jay Block Companies in 1992, has created 6 international certification programs for associations and training organizations, and is called on by both the public and private sectors to provide leadership and insight into emerging trends that affect the workplace and job market. Jay received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1976. He was raised in Marblehead, MA and has resided in South Florida for the past 26 years.

What Others Say About Jay Block

I participated in one of the finest and most innovative training sessions of my career. Through this training, I obtained my certification as a C.E.I.P. (Certified Employment Interview Professional). The program was created by Jay Block. As a program developer and facilitator, he is a role model without peer. Jay is a visionary with an intuitive ability to identify and articulate “outside the box” solutions and strategies for securing employment. Since obtaining my C.E.I.P., I have participated in his other webinars and read his books. Jay empowers career professionals to enjoy the greatest reward of our vocation - helping people put their lives back in order.

Ross Primack, CEIP, CRPW
Connecticut Department of Labor

There are 2 types of people in this world, people who say they will do things and the people that actually do things. Jay makes things happen! I had a chance to get to know Jay through a job creation initiative that was spearheaded by him in 2012. Jay's innovative, creative energy is practically magnetic. In the couple years I have known Jay, he has equipped thousands of discouraged job seekers with effective job seeking and interviewing strategies that work. In addition, Jay is highly regarded as a professional trainer and support to other career professionals. I cannot wait to see the continued success of Jay's instruments.

Lisa S. Brown, MA, LPC
Former Instructor: Schoolcraft College, MI
Training and Development

I have sat through trainings and seminars on Career Development before-but they were nothing like this. Jay's points went beyond the surface of job training into the heart of the job seeker and the perspective they should develop to be successful. His strategies are innovative and earth shattering - in that they challenge us in this industry to stop just doing what is comfortable and the same old, same old - especially résumé writing and interviewing. I loved the training, needed it and look forward to receiving more-which will help my professional growth in this field as well!!

Lisa Gordon
Program Coordinator | Certified Career
Development Facilitator | College Prep Coach

Jay Block is not only a first rate coach and career counselor, but a man of principle, integrity, and compassion.

The Late Richard Nelson Bolles
Author, What Color Is Your Parachute?

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Program Fee: $695

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