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Attitude determines altitude

  • What good are great résumés in the hands of depressed and fearful job seekers?
  • What good is career coaching if anxiety and a lack of self-confidence sabotage the job seeking process?
  • What good is it to chase a dream when dream chasers don't know how to constructively manage adversity, setbacks, and disappointment along the way?

In pursuit of anything worthwhile, adversity, setbacks, and disappointment are an inevitable part of the process. The key to rapid success is how well we manage the inevitable.

The Missing Piece to the Employment Puzzle

CEMP is one of the most important training programs a coach, trainer, or teacher can get, because winning job search skills without a winning state of mind (attitude) are wasted.

When you combine your specific areas of expertise (résumé writing, interview training, and career coaching) with empowerment and motivational strategies taught in CEMP, you will provide your clients/students with an emotional and tactical advantage that will result in rapid employment.

The quality of emotions determines the quality of success in landing great jobs!

CEMP addresses the missing piece to a successful job campaign... managing emotions to land top jobs that your clients/students want and deserve.

There is No Other Program Like CEMP

  • Think positive
  • Grin and bear it
  • Make the best of a bad situation
  • Turn lemons into lemonade
  • Suck it up and toughen up

Great advice... but HOW?
When the spaghetti hits the fan...
HOW do we make something good out of something bad?

A Question for Employment Professionals

How many job seekers have you come across who had trouble falling asleep at night because they were so excited about waking up in the morning to conduct their job search – to create their future?

Needs empowerment coaching

Why Not?

Planning and executing a successful job campaign is no different than any other successful marketing campaign. Job seekers must believe in themselves and promote themselves with enthusiasm, high-energy, and confidence – regardless of all the bumps in the road and setbacks they will face.

You'll become an elite coach who inspires success by combining your expertise with newly learned empowerment techniques.

Be the emotional bridge for job seekers

Be the emotional bridge for job seekers

Who Will Benefit from this Certification?

This certification is for any professional working in an environment where job seekers are battling their emotions.

  • Résumé and interview professionals
  • Career coaches
  • College career resource advisors
  • Workforce / CareerSource professionals
  • Military TAP facilitators
  • Managers and leaders throughout the employment industry

In a Class by Itself

You will see an immediate difference in job seeker attitudes and mindsets. You will empower them to motivate themselves to land great new jobs!

Job seekers will work masterfully in handling the emotional challenges that they will face in pursuit of a new job. And they will know you played a central role in their success... you become their hero!

This is a life-changing program...not just a job seeking one.

Empowerment Training

Benefits to Becoming a CEMP

  • Inspire rapid employment
  • Earn more money
  • Advance quickly in your career
  • Become a motivational coach / speaker
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Elevate your professional reputation

It's Life Changing

In 1991, I was fired by one of my best friends at the age of 39. I had no career ambitions and was struggling deeply with my emotions.

I had always been a highly driven and competitive individual. But I was an emotional wreck and no one had ever taught me how to manage my emotions and my temper! How do I stay cool when the heat's turned up? I never knew there were strategies and techniques I could easily learn to manage my emotional ups and downs.

Soon after being fired, I invested in myself and worked with some of the world's top success coaches, and discovered the hidden secrets to maintaining emotional control – no matter what.

And this single transformation changed my life!

I discovered my dream career that's lasted 30 years. I have authored 18 books and inspired tens of thousands of job seekers to land great jobs. And my career gave me the life I had always hoped to live. All a result of changing my “mindset.”

They don't teach this stuff in school. Teachers, parents, mentors, and coaches don't know or teach this material. Yet, sports psychologists do. And they charge thousands of dollars an hour for the same information you will learn in CEMP!

The ultimate ROI. When you become a motivational and empowerment résumé writer, career coach, or employment professional, you will inspire success, differentiate yourself from your competition, and earn more $$$!

Program Fee $895

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The Quality of Life...
Is the Quality of Emotions

It's not what we drive, where we live, or what we're experiencing that matters – it's how we FEEL about what we drive, where we live, or what we're experiencing that makes all the difference.

CEMP is a program that teaches you HOW to empower your clients to manage their emotions and fears in the wake of any career/ life challenge.

Fear is the primary enemy to all success.

When people lose their jobs (their identity), are saddled with bosses from hell, or are underpaid, overworked or underappreciated... they become overwhelmed, and anxiety and fear begin to take center stage in the theater of their minds. Every day becomes a struggle to survive emotionally.

Everything affects everything else. Emotional issues associated with the workplace will have a negative impact on other areas of life.

The information taught in CEMP certification involves strategies used by world-class athletes, entertainers, and business leaders.

When you become a CEMP, you...

  • Empower your clients to succeed
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Possess leading-edge strategies that will position you as an elite industry leader

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.
– Norman Vincent Peale

When dealing with people, you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.
– Dale Carnegie

The most vital quality a soldier can possess is self-confidence and emotional integrity.
– Gen. George S. Patton

Empowered couple

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.
– Mother Teresa

The Curriculum

  • Opposites in conflict
    • How we create our own struggles
  • Emotions
    • Do only one of two things
    • The strangest secret
    • Our greatest gift – the set of the sail
  • The proverbial brick wall – why it exists
    • Randy Pausch
    • Henry Covington
  • Beliefs control destiny
    • Colliding beliefs
    • Conditioned beliefs
    • Hold on for dear life beliefs
    • Reconditioning beliefs
  • Understanding the 2 human motivators
  • Embracing the 10 principles for success
  • Defeating the 8 enemies to success
  • The “create anything you want” equation
    • It's infallible!
  • The fulfillment factor –a “values evaluation”
  • Learn 16 emotional channeling techniques
    • The power to change our emotional state – instantly!
  • And much more!

Program Delivery

CEMP is a home study program that includes:

  • A CEMP course manual, the curriculum for this training divided into two main parts.
  • A 5-hour audio program (downloadable) to reinforce the course manual.
  • Ongoing YouTube videos with Jay that you can watch during and after the program.
  • Three, 1-hour conference call sessions with Jay (and others).

Once you have registered for the CEMP program, you will receive, by email from PARW/CC headquarters, the course manual that will include instructions on how best to navigate the program.

You will also receive a short questionnaire with questions about your business or profession, and other inquiries so the training is customized for you (and the clients and students you work with).

Once you complete the questionnaire and email it back to Jay, you will begin Part 1 of the two- part program – addressing philosophy. Philosophy is just a fancy term to describe how we think. As you will learn, what we (and job seekers) regularly focus on, has a direct effect on the quality of our emotions and success achievement.

And it is our emotions that determine the level of action we will (or won't) take in pursuit of any worth-while endeavor. This may be a new job, a promotion, a raise, a transfer, or any workplace objective, for that matter.

In Part 2, we will cover 16 emotional channeling techniques that you will learn to help your clients/ students manage their emotions – instantly – to optimize YOUR area of specialization/expertise.

The CEMP Exam: The exam consists of 3 essay questions. You will be provided 6 essay questions in advance - BEFORE you test. This way, you can study and even prepare to respond to all 6 questions. Once you are ready to test, you will be sent 3 essay questions from the 6 you were given prior to taking the test. Then, you will have 24 hours to prepare and submit your responses to the 3 essay questions. (Full instructions are provided when you register for CEMP). With meticulous preparation and focus, there is no reason for anyone who is serious about becoming an empowerment and motivational professional, not to be fully prepared to take and pass the exam.

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Program Fee: $895

PARW/CC membership is a prerequisite for taking this course and required for ongoing use of the credential.

Jay Block speaking

About Jay Block

Jay Block is an industry pioneer and the nation's leading motivational workplace expert. He is a best-selling author of 18 books, 12 titles by McGraw-Hill Publishing. They include:

  • 5 Steps to Rapid Employment: The Job You Want at the Pay You Deserve
  • Courageous Health: How to Think Positive and Manage Fear
  • Great Answers Great Questions For Your Job Interview

Jay has a 30-year record of success for creating and reengineering the career and employment industry. He is a “mind-changer” who inspires his clients and audiences to RE-THINK the entire process of career management and job search.

Jay was a key contributor to Frank Fox when Mr. Fox launched PARW in 1990 – and has been an active contributor ever since. He founded The Jay Block Companies in 1992 and has created/co-created 6 international certification programs for associations and training organizations.

Jay received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of New Hampshire and lives in Salem, Massachusetts; returning to his New England roots after 30 years in Florida.

What Others Say About Jay Block

“I have been facilitating and promoting Jay Block's 5 Steps program to the Workforce in Maryland, Florida, and New York for over 5 years with ‘stunning' success. The foundation of the program is Step 1... empowerment, where job seekers confidently promote themselves to land great jobs. The added benefit of teaching Jay's approach is that the techniques transcend the workplace – and positively impact every aspect of life. CEMP is a must program for résumé writers and career coaches who want to take their professions to the next level.”

Bruce Wahlgren, President / Lead Trainer
Workforce Excellence Group, LLC

“Jay Block is not only a first rate coach and industry leader, but a man of principle, integrity, and compassion.”

Richard N. Bolles, Best-Selling Author
What Color is Your Parachute?

“Jay's book, 5 Steps to Rapid Employment, is a true A-to-Z resource for landing great jobs. And it's his motivational approach that differentiate him all others.”

Bob Burg, Best-Selling Author
The Go Giver Series

“I facilitate Jay's 5 Steps to Rapid Employment program, and have seen first-hand the life-changing impacts Step 1 has had on ‘emotional readiness and employment empowerment.' After completing Step 1, participants are empowered to take massive action to pursue their employment goals – and can do so managing any adversity or barrier to success that they may face.”

Wanet Tyson, Workforce Training / Policy Analyst
Frederick County Workforce Services, Maryland

“Jay's innovative and highly effective motivational approach to career management (and life) is extraordinary. I will be teaching his process on this side of the world.”

Chris Mills, Founderand Learning & Development Consultant
Soaring Free, Sydney, Australia

“Every once in a while you meet someone using his talents to make a difference in people's lives. Jay Block is that person. His message is a clarion call for all of us to take action to grow, improve, and succeed on a consistent basis.

“He is a motivational trainer who understands the importance of linking best job search practices with cutting edge empowerment techniques. I hired Jay to train our trainers at SEMCA in Michigan, and his contributions to our program have been invaluable.”

Susan Corey, WCE Administrator
Macomb Community College

“I facilitated/directed Jay's “5 Steps to Rapid Employment” program between 2013 and 2018 for RochersterWorks, in Rochester, NY. We review the finest programs to ensure our clients have the tools and strategies to land good jobs.

“Jay's program is the best we ever saw, and delivered the best results we ever had! What makes his program so successful is that every component is based on empowering job seeker success. In fact, after 10 years with RochesterWorks... I used his wisdom to land a new positon myself... with Finger Lakes Community College in 2018.”

Todd Sloane, Asst. Dir. Personal Development & Cont. Ed.
Finger Lakes Community College

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Program Fee: $895

PARW/CC membership is a prerequisite for taking this course and maintaining the credential.

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