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Certified Digital Career Strategist CDCS

Certified Digital Career Strategist (CDCS)

This Course is available as self study or also offered twice a year live. Next live series scheduled for Oct 1st, 8th and 15th.

What is a CDCS?

LinkedIn has become an indispensable part of successful job searches. That’s why becoming a LinkedIn expert will dramatically improve the value you offer your clients by giving them the edge to succeed in a crowded marketplace. Our certification, CDCS, will deliver this training with the most up to date information.

The Certified Digital Career Strategist course is a fast-paced, training led by LinkedIn expert Robin Reshwan. This program offers a comprehensive framework for providing LinkedIn coaching and support during a client’s career search with a 360 degree perspective on how the platform is used by job seekers, recruiters, hiring managers, and network connections. Register now to ensure your LinkedIn knowledge is up to date and add social proof of your expertise for future coaching endeavors. The program has three sessions that will cover back-end privacy and settings, profile components, and robust searching tools.

This certification is for you if…

  • You want to deepen your knowledge of the key components of a successful LinkedIn profile
  • You need to deliver effective LinkedIn coaching to your clients that incorporates recent changes to the platform
  • You want to better understand how to use LinkedIn to achieve career transition goals
Certified Digital Career Strategist Program
Live Series: $895
Self-Study: $795
  • Participants in the CDCS Program receive:

  • LIVE or recorded sessions with our expert program director, Robin Reshwan

  • TOTAL of 5 instruction hours

  • NEW Immediate access to video replay following live course sessions

  • Access to the community! CDCS program participants will receive a one year membership to the CDCS community. This includes access to Robin for any questions and updates on any significant changes to the LinkedIn platform and its functionality.

Participants in the CDCS Program Recieve

  • Three Webinars – The program is taught in 100-minute fast-paced sessions, where you will learn the most current practices from your course instructor, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, nationally recognized Careers writer and a CEO of both a career coaching and a recruiting company. You will learn current best practices for using LinkedIn to achieve career transition goals with the 360-degree perspective from a coach, recruiter and hiring executive.

  • Comprehensive Content – Created to meet the needs of both entry level users of LinkedIn and more experienced coaches, this program will cover all the key components of a successful LinkedIn profile as well as present lesser known strategies to add depth to your services or address the needs of complex clients.

  • A Way to Stay Current on Changes to LinkedIn – For the year following your certification, you will receive notifications of changes and updates to the LinkedIn platform and effective best practices.

  • Differentiation & Social Proof – Feel confident that you are ready to deliver effective LinkedIn coaching to your clients with our end-of-program learning assessment, then show off what you have learned! You will receive a certificate and logo for your website, plus designation as a Certified Digital Career Strategist. (Certification valid for one year, updates provided to you as the platform changes)

  • PARWCC Offers an annual Continuing Education program for CDCS holder that includes continued access to the instructor and forums. Typically offered each Fall for $95.00.

Course Content

The three 100-minute sessions will be available for live participation scheduled for one session per week for three weeks in a row. Each session will have instructor-led training, followed by group Q&A with time allotted at the end for more detailed questions and demonstrations. Self Study Program provides instant access to the most current training sessions.

Session 1

Comprehensive Coaching for LinkedIn Profiles
Comprehensive Coaching for LinkedIn Profiles. This session covers the key building blocks and the most effective strategies for LinkedIn profile components, privacy, and other “behind the scene” settings. The emphasis is on how coaches can engage their clients and empower them to make decisions and take actions using settings that align with their career goals. The instructor will use a flexible framework approach so that coaches and their clients will feel confident using LinkedIn even when the interface and features evolve or change. By understanding the underpinnings of what is available and how the settings drive recruiter and audience behavior, coaches and clients will have a new awareness and insight to further adoption, action, and accountability.

Session 2

Leveraging LinkedIn for a Job Search.
Learn how LinkedIn really works. The instructor will screen-share multiple real-time demonstrations of how recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to identify talent. Next, the instructor will demonstrate how coaches and clients can use these insights to get better job search and networking outcomes. Topics include multiple search strategies to find targeted open positions, how to use keywords to find career-relevant content, how to use keywords to organize and expand contacts, how to use LinkedIn data to prepare for an application submittal or an interview, and how to explore potential career paths in preparation for a career launch, university or grad school considerations, or career pivot.

Session 3

LinkedIn Brand Building for Job Seekers and for Clients Seeking Career Progression.
Career Progression Coaches will learn how to help their clients and themselves to establish and optimize an effective professional brand online. Coaches will learn how to help their clients and themselves to establish and optimize an effective professional brand online. Additional topics covered will be how to assess, build, and manage a content and engagement strategy to attract or reinforce a targeted network as well as how to stay abreast of and maintain relevance given current trends in professional online brand building. The instructor will also discuss advancements in AI and machine-learning-based tools being used for recruitment and potential impact and opportunities for job seekers.
Robin Reshwan

Meet Your Instructor – Robin Reshwan

Robin Reshwan: Robin is a CPRW and Career Strategist, a Careers writer for USNews, and the CEO of CS Advising (career strategy services) and CS Search & Staffing (recruiting services). Managing more than 15,000 LinkedIn followers, her team and brands have been awarded “Best of” by LinkedIn for social engagement, coaching, and recruiting services. Robin is one of a handful of coaches that LinkedIn engages in running pilot programs for them. She is a frequent speaker on LinkedIn topics, including sessions for major corporations, academic and business school communities, colleges, and alumni associations. Additionally, as the owner of a staffing company (CS Search & Staffing), her staffing team uses the recruiting, job posting, and paid marketing tools on LinkedIn to search for fast-growth companies throughout the US. Robin is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has managed search practices and teams in more than 30 major cities covering technology, accounting/finance, creative/marketing, scientific/Ph.D., legal, manufacturing, and administrative/operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the required text for the program, and is it available in Kindle or audio format?

Rest assured, there are no additional costs for required texts. All readings will be provided in PDF format, free of charge. The material will include coaching-type business case articles, peer-reviewed journal articles, self-reflection activities, and a research book (my book). You can choose readings based on your interests, and all materials will be accessible in PDF format.

What deliverables are required for certification?

The program includes engaging deliverables such as quizzes for each module (open notes/open resources), short answers, self-assessments, and other fun activities. The goal is to make the learning experience enriching and enjoyable. No timed tests or multiple-choice assessments will be administered, and an oral test option is available upon request.

Will sessions be recorded, and can I access them if I miss a session?

Yes, all classes will be recorded using Zoom and uploaded to the portal. You can review the sessions at your convenience, whether you attend live or watch the replay.

What support and accessibility options are available?

Accessibility is a priority. If you need accommodations, please email me at [email protected]. Having been diagnosed with a learning disability myself, I understand the importance of accommodating individual needs. I am committed to providing a supportive learning environment and am readily accessible throughout the program. ‘Office Hours’ will be available for additional support.

Accessibility Statement

I am committed to creating an inclusive learning environment. If you require accommodations, please email me at [email protected]. I have personal experience with a learning disability and have successfully coached clients and taught adults with various learning needs. Your success in this program is my #1 priority

Is there any cost associated with the suggested optional texts?

While I may suggest some favorite texts, they are entirely optional to purchase and will not be required for exams or homework assignments.

When will the online portal be populated with course content?

The online portal is targeted to be populated with course syllabus by Sunday, January 28, ahead of our start on Thursday, February 1st. No advance work is required.

How can I approach my employer to fund this program as part of my professional development?

Approaching your employer for professional development support can be a strategic step. Here’s a sample email template to initiate the conversation:

Sample Email Draft

Subject: Proposal for Professional Development Investment – Certified Student Career Coach Program

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my enthusiasm about an upcoming professional development opportunity that aligns seamlessly with my role and responsibilities at [Your Company/Organization Name].

I have come across the Certified Student Career Coach Program, which offers comprehensive training in career coaching and leadership development. Given the increasing focus on talent development and mentorship within our organization, I believe this program will not only enhance my skills but also contribute significantly to our team’s success.

The program, led by Dr. Natascha F. Saunders, comes highly recommended, and I am confident that the insights gained will directly impact our approach to employee career development and advancement.

To make the most of this opportunity, I am seeking your support to cover the program fees as part of our ongoing commitment to professional growth. The benefits of this investment will extend beyond my personal development, positively influencing our team’s ability to guide and support employees/students / alumni / community effectively.

Here is a breakdown of the estimated costs:

Program Fee: [Insert Cost]

Duration: 4 weeks

Expected Outcomes: [List specific outcomes relevant to your job]

I believe this investment is a strategic move for our team, and I am more than willing to discuss how the learnings can be shared and applied within our organization upon completion of the program.

Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to the possibility of contributing even more effectively to our team’s success with the enhanced skills gained through this program.

Best regards,

[Your Full Name]
[Your Position]
[Your Contact Information]

What do I gain from this program? Will it be beneficial to me?

Thank you for considering our Certified Student Career Coach Program. We support this program, its curriculum, and the vibrant community it fosters. Drawing from my experience coaching in diverse sectors and serving students globally, we’ve crafted a foundational program comprising four modules.

While this isn’t an exhaustive deep dive, it’s a concentrated four-week introductory journey designed to address the foundational needs of coaching students.

To determine if this program aligns with your goals, consider creating a mini-rubric:

1: Course Description Resonance:

Review the course description – does it resonate with your coaching aspirations and objectives?

2: Weekly Subject Matter:

Examine each week’s subject matter – can you benefit from expanding your knowledge in these specific areas?

Curriculum Integration:

Assess your ability to integrate the curriculum into your coaching practice – does it align with your coaching philosophy?

Community Building:

Are you seeking to build a community and connect with like-minded individuals focused on student coaching?

Personalized Measuring Tool:

Utilize points 1-4 and any additional criteria important to you as a personalized measuring tool.

Extra: Watch Natascha’s video as she talks through what is covered in each module:

Remember, this program is a focused and foundational step towards enhancing your skills in coaching students. It’s about what aligns best with your professional development journey. Feel free to reach out if you have more specific questions or need further clarification.

I live overseas, outside the United States, would this focus mostly on the United States?

While I am based in the United States, my extensive experience as a former Goodwill Ambassador to Gambia and my service to students from over 100+ countries provide me with a unique perspective on the intricacies and needs of students globally. It’s important to note that my viewpoint is U.S.- based, yet the program is designed to be inclusive and offer insights that transcend countries.

Here are some additional considerations:

1: Global Relevance:

A portion of the content transcends geographic boundaries. Concepts like understanding vocational theories and certain personality traits, challenges, and strategies can be universally applicable.

2: Global Career Perspectives:

Many students reaching out for coaching aspire to work, intern and study globally. I have coached students pursuing roles in international organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, many organizations with international office locations, and non-profits, including those in very rural areas. Our perspective in this foundational course broadens to acknowledge diverse student backgrounds and career goals across the world.

3: U.S. Opportunities

We have seen a rise in students from various countries seeking opportunities in the United States. Statista reports that 1,057,188 international students were studying in the U.S. in 2022/23. Regardless of your location, chances are you’ll encounter students aspiring to study or work in the U.S., and this program provides insights into their expectations.

4: International Student Dynamics

I, with experience coaching and teaching international students, grasp the intricacies of navigating careers between their home countries and the U.S. As a consultant and facilitator for organizations in 142 countries, I bring a wealth of global perspectives. With over 10 years of teaching at Northeastern University, Global Pathway Program (ranked #1 Most International Students, US Student and Exchange Visitor Program 2020), as well as currently working at Harvard Kennedy School of Government with a diverse and thriving international student community – I am committed to serving coaches who serve ALL students.

5: Exploration of Global Career Nuances

While this program does not delve deeply into complex topics like H1B, OPT/CPT, and Visas, it acknowledges these opportunities. Peer collaboration offers the chance to explore these nuances further.

6: Global Network

Our Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) includes members from various countries, reflecting a growing global presence.

7: Hands-on Learning & Adaptability

The program encourages hands-on learning where your expertise contributes. If discussions or data are U.S.- centric, you’re encouraged to proactively explore and contribute insights from your country. The program aims to empower you to adapt coaching practices to your specific context, making them relevant and impactful in your region.

Remember, this is a foundational 4-week program fostering a collaborative learning environment, and your active participation ensures the curriculum becomes a tailored and enriching experience, irrespective of your location.

Thank each of you for considering joining the Certified Student Career Coach Program. I look forward to the opportunity of working together to ensure your success!

Best regards,

Dr. Natascha F. Saunders

Have more questions? If so, email: [email protected]

Why PARWCC? Voices from our Community

The CPRW Certification is the benchmark for being a recognized resume writer.

Debraca R Testimonial

Investing in the continuous training and education provided by PARWCC makes me a trusted advisor…My hobby turned into a 5-figure business in one year because I invested in my education and received the career coaching credential from PARWCC.

Debraca R.

Agape Career Counseling Group
Dustin B Testimonial

PARWCC’s extensive library of resources, networking opportunities, and career services insights have significantly enhanced my ability to deliver exceptional services to my clients…and equipped me to help job seekers achieve their career goals with confidence and expertise.

Dustin B.

417 Resume Renovators
PARWCC Code of Ethics Badge

I was fortunate to be a part of the 1st cohort of the Certified Student Career Coach (CSCC), and Dr. Saunders’ expertise, homework exercises, and her breadth of resources enhanced my understanding of the material by providing practical hands-on exercises.

Towanda W.

Coach for New Life
Tali S Testimonial

I’ve gotten so much value out of being part of this community! I love the monthly networking calls and webinars included in the membership, and attending the in-person Thrive! conference was truly a highlight of the year for me.

Tali S.

Bold Career Talk

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